Flowers & decoration

............ have volunteered to take care of the flowers. This includes a nice arrangemet for the front of the church, something for the refreshments table & flowers for the communion family's seats on the inside aisle.

Volunteers for the prayers of the faithful

We would like children to present the prayers of the faithful. Ideally in different languages to represent the diversity of our community.


Following children have volunteered:




These children need to prepare a little prayer in their language. We ask the parents to review and rehearse it with them.

Readings during mass

2 parents have volunteered to read during mass: 


Once we know the readings, we will fwd them on to you so that you may prepare yourselves.

Mass booklets

The task consists of electronically putting the mass booklet together (readings, songs, etc..) The printing can be done by the parish, if it is not possible for the volunteer.


We will need approx 350 copies (one for each child, two for each family, plus half a dozen extra...)


....... have volunteered to work on this together.


We will provide you with the texts, songs, and a copy of the last year example.


Ideally, the booklets should be printed by the Wednesday before the communion, as there will be many helping parents hands during the rehearsal to fold them.


Costs / expenses will be covered.




.......have volunteered to organize the communion candles for the children. I will send her a link of the shop we got them from last year and which were quite pretty. They may choose another shop if they wish.


The costs are covered.

Communion certificates

Each child will receive a communion certificate.


Templates are found plentifully on internet, they should be printed on good paper and the name of each child hand-written. They are then to be rolled up, tied with a pretty ribbon and labelled.


....... has volunteered to help with this.


Costs for paper/ribbons are covered as well.

Refreshments after mass

We have a team of ...... in place to take care of organizing the cake and crémant for the day. I will check how many bottles of crémant we had last year, as a basis for this year.


Costs & expenses will be covered.

Seating allocation

The children have drawn their names to determine where their families will be seated during communion mass.


The children themselves will be seated on the altar. This has now been confirmed by Fr Ed.


We will organize a photographer of the day.


The photographer will take photos of each child and their families before the mass, group photos and random photos throughout the ceremony 


Warrick Cramer will schedule the time slots for each Family 


Below are some sample photos from a previous year.




Tidy up team

After mass on the big day, we need some hands to remove posters, ribbons, flowers, put chairs in order...


Members of the ........  are our volunteers. THANKS !


Once we know how much there is left in the collective pot, we would like to get a gift for main volunteers


Ideas are welcome!